Get 50% Scholarship To Study A Masters Programme In Entrepreneurship At National College of Ireland

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National College of Ireland is Here with an amazing scholarship offer of 50% for those that will like to pursue a Masters programme in Entrepreneurship.

With a mutual relationship with StudyAcrossGlobe (Nigeria’s Leading Agency For Study In Ireland), This offer comes with:

  1. Work and study Visa
  2. Automatic 2years Post Study Visa
  3. Free Admission and Visa Support

More Reasons To Study In Ireland:

Ireland is becoming leading study destination among international students because of the 2 years automatic post study visa. Also Ireland Economy is the fastest growing Economy in Europe and this makes lots of jobs available for students during studies and most especially after studies.

  1. 2 Years automatic post study visa
  2. Ireland has the Highest Proportion of High-Growth Enterprises in Europe ahead of UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary and Bulgaria.
  3. Ireland is Europe’s Tech Hub
  4. Ireland is second largest Software and Pharmaceutical exports in the World. 9 out of 10 top Pharmaceutical Companies are based in Ireland.
  5. Ireland is the fourth largest in Agrictech in the world
  6. Ireland remains in the EU and now the only English Speaking Country in Europe which makes it easier for Nigerians to integrate perfectly well into their system overcoming language barrier compared to other countries in Europe. Ireland Financial services Sector is the best in the world.
  7. Ireland is home to International Firms like FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, PAYPAL, COCA-COLA, DIAGEO, KRAF FOODS(Cadbury), CITI BANK, PWC as employers of labour in Ireland.
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Study Across Globe is an education consultancy which provides free and impartial counselling and application services for all UK  and Ireland Universities and also provides counselling and application services for Universities and Colleges across the world.

Voted No1 Agency in Nigeria by Enterprise Ireland For Best Agency for Study In Ireland 2018.

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